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Before and After - Galvanized vs Copper Pipe used in Bay area repipe installation.What is copper repiping and what does it cost?
If your house has been built 20 years ago or longer, there is a really good chance that the water pipes in your home are made of galvanized material. It’s been shown that these galvanized pipes corrode over time and will need a copper repipe to offset the damage, wear and irreversible pipe corrosion. Corroded pipes in your home may cause a dramatic decrease in your quality of water and might even cause health concerns. Copper repiping involves the removal or bypass of existing pipes, replaced by brand new copper pipes. Copper pipes used are made from the finest quality available and has a lifetime quality guarantee. Copper repiping costs vary on your plumbing layout and home size. Most customers are pleasently surprised that the cost of a full copper repipe with Repipe Specialists is half of what a local plumber would cost.

What issues should I look for?
If you experience drops in water pressure, your water is discolored or has a metallic taste, you notice a slab leak or you discover existing pipes leaking or corroding, it’s time for you to repipe your home with new copper pipes. These vital clues can be an early indicator of serious internal pipe corrosion. This may also cause leaks within your house, which may cause mold or milder within your walls.

How much time does a copper repipe take?
Generally speaking a full copper repiping of your home just 1-2 days. You won’t have to vacate the home out of fear of not having water or being able to take a shower. You will not have to leave your home. Our expert installers and repipe technicians make extra effort in keeping your home clean and will take extra care to completely cover your flooring before the repipe starts. The Repipe Specialists install team always includes a master patcher, who professionally patches any sections of a wall that needed to be exposed to complete your copper repipe. We have had many customers who are surprised that Repipe Specialists completes the job in just a few days, leaving little evidence that a copper repipe had just taken place. A recent client has told us, “When she returned home, my wife could not locate where the wall patching was done, since your team left no dirty mess or trace that a major plumbing operation had just been completed.”

What can be expected after a copper repipe?
The first thing people notice after a copper repipe is a big water pressure increase. As they aged, rust and corrosion had collected inside your old pipes, restricting water flow and lowering pressure. You will quickly find an improvement in your quality or water as well. With your copper pipes free of contaminants or corrosion, you’ll find a big difference in the quality of taking a shower, your dishwasher and your washing machine.

Additional benefits of copper repiping
Replacing your older pipes can also have great cost benefits. Old galvanized pipe replacement can save you from plumbing problems in the future. Inferior plumbing and pinhole leaks will no longer be a worry. A repipe may also eliminate any future costly plumbing headaches for many years to come. A copper repipe may also add to your home’s real estate value, a huge advantage when selling your home. People are very concerned about water quality when buying a home. After copper repiping, your water quality is a valuable selling point in today’s tough Bay area real estate market.

How soon can I schedule an on-site inspection and estimate?
Repipe Specialists has live operators 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule your free estimate. You can call 800-737-4746 now to get started or complete the free repipe Bay area estimate request form on this website. Our trained experts complete a full examination of your home and existing plumbing issues, providing you with a detailed, full estimate on the work that will be required.

What other materials are used in a repipe?
If you have the right home configuration, a PEX repipe may also be an option you might consider. PEX is a great alternative to copper repiping and has many other great qualities as well, including reduced water noise and ease of installation. It’s been approved for home use in the Bay area and throughout California. Millions of feet of PEX piping have been used in Bay area repipe applications for over a decade. To unlock more information, visit our PEX repipe page on this site.

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